About Us

Zerund Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd.

Innovating the Building Industry with Lightweight Zerund Brick

Our company, Zerund Manufacturing Pvt Ltd, started from the college lab as a final year project. Through detailed research, hard work, and dedication, we have successfully developed our Lightweight brick. This brick exhibits high strength, low water absorption, excellent insulation, and cost efficiency.

Due to the growing demand for Zerund Brick, we have consistently expanded our production capacity by adding additional manufacturing plants. We are delighted to announce that our total production capacity has now increased to 50,000 cubic meters per year. Our clients greatly appreciate the outstanding properties of Zerund Brick, as it not only ensures superior quality but also provides an eco-friendly solution to their building requirements.

Social Responsibility

We’re on a mission to make a positive impact on our planet and society by converting waste into wealth. We believe that entrepreneurship can drive sustainability, and we’re empowering talented young people to create a better future for themselves and our planet.

We’re actively promoting the concept of a plastic-free India by using plastic waste as raw materials in our production process. By doing so, we’re turning a problem into a solution and contributing to a cleaner, healthier planet.


India produces 9.5 million tons of plastic annually, and Zerund currently has 10,000+ tons of waste materials (plastic waste, industrial waste) annually in its plants. In India, 42.64 MT of CO2 is emitted by each Red Brick Industry annually. The energy consumption in the manufacturing of Zerund Brick is much less compared to red bricks, and no fertile agricultural soil is used in the manufacturing of Zerund Bricks.


Our Values


The People

To attract, retain, motivate, and develop highly talented employees, empower them, and offer them challenging career paths in a healthy work environment.



To allocate resources in the most effective manner, avoid wastage, and achieve optimal returns.


Focus the Customer

Customer Focused
To exceed customer expectations, continuously deliver to them the most relevant products and the best service levels.


Fairness Respect

To ask questions with customers, partners, employees, and authorities while maintaining the highest levels of integrity and respect, and displaying fairness in all our interactions.


The Quality

To maintain the highest levels of quality throughout the organization and with all external stakeholders.



To operate in a socially responsible manner.

Our Mission

Employing creative and competent people and working with quality suppliers. Providing the best value and services to our customers.

Our Vision

To Excel in providing best-in-class solutions and quality product and services for our customers, and value growth for our stakeholders.

Rupam Choudhury
Director & Co-Founder

Rupam Choudhury is the co-founder of Zerund and holds a degree in civil engineering from Assam Engineering College. With over five years of experience in operations, he leads Zerund’s operations, research and development, and all factories. Rupam’s strong belief in a disciplined work culture is reflected in his leadership at Zerund. He is passionate about green technology and carbon reduction, which keeps the company motivated towards its goals.

Mousum Talukdar is a civil engineer, who graduated from Assam engineering college. He has been working on green building materials since 2015.

Mousum Talukdar
Director & Co-Founder

Mousum Talukdar
Director & Co-Founder

Mousum Talukdar is a civil engineer, who graduated from Assam engineering college. He has been working on green building materials since 2015.

David Pratim Gogoi
Director & Co-Founder

David Pratim Gogoi, a civil engineering graduate alumnus from Assam Engineering College, is the co-founder of Zerund. He has been leading Zerund’s Sales and Marketing, Public Relations, and Corporate Communications for over five years. David believes in carbon-free green technology and envisions disrupting the construction industry through Zerund’s integration of this technology.