Environment Friendly

Zero emission of gas and Zero pollution
No toxic nature


50% of weight of red clay brick
Reduces construction time by 25%
Easy installation
Less cost than AAC and red clay brick


No weathering effect

Minimum water absorption, which is much higher in case of AAC and red clay brick


Earthquake Resistance

Lightweight ZERUND bricks reduces the mass of the structure which makes it more earthquake resistance


Thermal and Sound Insulation

Superior sound insulation due to porous structure
Tiny air pores and thermal mass of bricks provide excellent thermal insulation, thus reducing heating and air conditioning costs of a building by almost 30%


Social Advantage

Each single unit of the brick has contribution to the society. It helps in making the society green since it has come out of green waste management technology


Pest Resistance

Due to inorganic ingredient ZERUND provides resistance to pest


Easy Workability

Can be cut easily.
Can be easily drilled, nailed milled and grooved to fit individual requirement.


Fire Resistance

Can withstand upto 6-7 hours of direct exposure to fire


You cannot inspect quality into the product; it is already there.

1 Units Sold in 6 months
person 1 Happy Clients
1 Percent time saved
money 1 Percent Money Saved